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June 2017


Health, Safety and Security Matter for 2017 Semester 2
Conduct of Temperature-Taking Exercise

Dear Parents,

  1. We would like to welcome your child back to a new Semester. 

  2. We would like to inform you that we will be conducting a temperature taking exercise on Friday 30 Jun 2017. This is a bi-annual exercise that we have to conduct to maintain vigilance in ensuring that processes are in place for the swift activation of temperature taking measures as and when necessary. This is important to ensure that our students and staff are always safe and healthy in Punggol View.

  3. To promote a culture of personal responsibility for the cleanliness and maintenance of our student’s oral digital thermometer (ODT), your child’s Form Teacher will be working with your child to test the ODT on Wednesday 28 Jun 2017 to ensure that it is in working condition. A practice of the routine will be carried out on Thursday 29 Jun 2017 before the actual exercise on Friday 30 Jun 2017. 

  4. The Form Teacher will alert our students who do not have a working ODT to bring one by Friday 30 Jun 2017. The book shop will keep stock of new ODT at $4.80 and batteries at $0.80 as from Tuesday 27 Jun 2017. You can also acquire it outside school whichever is most convenience for you. The actual exercise will be conducted on Friday 30 Jun 2017 at 8.00 am. 

  5. We would be very grateful if you could ensure that your child brings wet wipes or tissues to school on the three days of practices and actual exercise, namely from Wednesday 28 Jun to Friday 30 Jun 2017. Your child will be taught to clean the ODT after use. With your support, we are sure we can conduct a successful temperature-taking exercise as part of our continuing efforts to provide a healthy and safe environment for our students in our school.

Safety and Security Measures 

  • We would like to thank you for your patience and support with regard to the safety and security measures that we have introduced in Jan 2017. We would like to thank you for your feedback and have made the following revised safety and security measures:

    1. To reduce the congestion at the Back Gate, our students who are going home on their own can choose to use the Punggol Place Gate. The Punggol Place Gate is the Gate facing Punggol Place Road next to the bus stop and traffic light. This is to be done only during the main dismissal time at 1.40 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and 3.40 pm on Thursdays. Our students will however use the Back Gate for other dismissal schedule as we do not have sufficient staff to manage the dismissal. We hope that by so doing we can reduce the number of students using at the Back Gate. 

    2. The Punggol Place Gate when opens during the main dismissal time, is for exit purpose. Parents and other adults will not be allowed to enter the school through this Gate. The usual practice of entering through the Main Gate after 2.10 pm will continue. Your kind understanding and support is appreciated. 

    3. Students who are picked up by parents and care givers will continue to be dismissed at the Back Gate. We would appreciate it that you do not arrange to pick up your child / children at the Punggol Place Gate. The Punggol Place Gate has a very narrow gathering space and it is too near to the main road. This may pose a danger to our students and others due to its limited standing area. Besides this is a public space and gathering of people will obstruct other pedestrians from using the walkway along Punggol Place. We also do not want any accident to take place arising from not so careful e-scooter users or cyclists. Please continue to use the Back Gate which has a larger and safer gathering space to accommodate a bigger crowd and movement of people. 

    4. We are still working with the relevant agencies to explore the best options to manage the movement during dismissal at the Back Gate especially during rainy days. The Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council is working with us on this and this will take time. We seek your kind patience as the construction of shelter and cement pavement will take place but the estimated date of commencement provided by the Town Council is 3 rd Quarter of 2018. Nonetheless, we are working with them to expedite the process. Your kind understanding and patience will be greatly appreciated.
    • On rainy days, parents and caregivers who are picking up our P1 & P2 students and elder siblings at the IBC can choose to exit from the Punggol Place Gate. We will direct you through the school building for exit at the Punggol Place Gate. This is especially useful for those using the public transport or would need to travel towards the Waterway Point Mall area. We hope that by so doing, we can further reduce the congestion at the Back Gate during rainy days.

    • We understand that we may not be able to address your immediate needs pertaining to the dismissal of the Back Gate during rainy days but we seek your patience as we are working to improve the situation. Thanks you in advance for your kind understanding and continue support.

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