2.30 pm - 4.30 pm

CCA Room 3

Mr Melzone Chan

Mr Brandon Chow

Ms Lee Jia En

Ms Koh Su Shin

Mdm Tan Su San

Cub Scouting in Punggol View Primary School falls under the umbrella of Student Development.

 In Punggol View, Cub Scouting follows a Training framework that seeks to develop the potential of each child, as defined by our MESCAP domains. 

Student Outcomes Diagram

The training structure follows 4 generic skills and traits that align with the Scout Leadership Structure of the Singapore Scout Association.

Cub Scout Leader - Training Structure

Each child will be exposed to training during weekly meetings that enables them to achieve the Gold Progress Badge by the time they graduate at Primary 6.

Cub Scout - Members Photo 01

 As every child is different, each child takes ownership of their own learning and development. The individual chooses how quickly they wish to progress within the programme. Each cub will have a progress book and a log book for them to personally track their progress and reflect on their own learning. 

Cub Scout - Members Photo 02

Many cubs will also have the opportunity to attend National Leadership Training Camps. At present, more than 60% of all cubs in Punggol View are qualified leaders. We aim to train all cub scouts by 2020.

Cub Scout - Members Photo 03

Cub Scout - Members Photo 04

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