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Service and Interact Club






2.30pm – 4.30pm

PAL room

Ms Samantha Ong

Ms Catherine Sim

Ms Callie Kong

Ms Peh Cheh Yin

Ms Priya

The Service and Interact Club aims to instil in our students the love of leading and serving – of family, school and wider community. Students learn more about what makes a good leader and are given opportunities to organise activities and events that hone leadership skills.

Students also regularly volunteer at external organisations such as homes, community clubs and hospitals to bring joy and cheer to the residents. Through such outreach activities and interaction with the wider public, students expand their perspectives of life and learn to appreciate diversity.

The Service and Interact Club welcomes students who wish to lead and serve with their hearts.  

Service and Interact Club - Activity Photo 01
Service and Interact Club - Activity Photo 02