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Sports and Adventure Club

Day Time Venue Teachers-in-charge
Every Wednesday 2.30 pm - 4.30 pm Indoor Basketball Court Mrs Carol Koh
Mr Nazriff Nasser
 Mrs Irene Tang
 Mdm Rosnita Adbul Rahim
 Mrs Carol Ng

Sports & Adventure Club is a modular CCA which aims to motivate our students to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle through active participation in recreational sports and outdoor activities either individually or with others. Our programme spans the following domains; Sports which focus on aerobics, flexibility and muscular strength; Cultural Games which expose students to games that was traditionally played; and Outdoor Activities which is done in the great outdoors where nature appreciation takes place. The programme is designed to be progressive and it covers four modules a year. We want to promote a desire in our students to learn beyond the PE curriculum; hence each module will be fun and engaging so that it motivates our students’ involvement and interest in being physically active until it becomes a lifestyle.

Through our CCA, students are provided with a platform to practise school values and develop social-emotional competencies through learning and playing with others. Students will learn how to communicate effectively, work cooperatively and practise the ethos of good sportsmanship.