Day Time Venue Teachers-in-charge
Every Tuesday (School Team) 3.30p.m.-5.30p.m. School Hall

Ms Nurul Zawanah

Ms Wang Qiuyu

Ms Liu Xiao

Every Friday (All members) 2.30pm – 4.30pm 

Ms Joyce Chew

Mr Kevin Chen

Ms Angeline Loo

Wushu is a form of Chinese martial arts that is often viewed as an exhibition and combat sports. The training and stroke emphasizes on quickness, powerful yet natural and relaxed movements. In PGVP Wushu CCA, our members will learn basic Quanshu followed by Qixie and/or Taijiquan as they progress through the sports. 

Throughout the year, school team members will participate in National Wushu Championships as well as numerous performances in school. The various forms of exposures can help to boost our performers’ confidence. 

In PGVP Wushu CCA, we aim to expose our members to the culture and heritage of Chinese martial arts, as well as to inculcate good sportsmanship values in them. We want to develop our pupils physically, emotionally and socially so that they can graduate with a strong moral compass and learn values of respect, resilience, care, harmony, responsibility and integrity.

Wushu Performance 01

Wushu Performance 02
Wushu Performance 03
Wushu Performance 04

Wushu Performance 05
Wushu Performance 06