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Quality Experience & Happy Hall

Provision of Quality Learning Experiences for Our Students

Our belief
“I hear, I forget,
I see, I remember,
I do, I understand”
 - Confucius

We support our students in their learning of Science using the 5E Instructional Model approach, namely: Engage Explore Explain Evaluate and Extend 

Engage our students through carefully designed learning activities to allow our students explore scientific concepts in an active manner.

Observing the mealwormsObserving the frogs

As our students explore through these activities, they discuss and explain the concepts to their classmates, which helps to develop their conceptual understanding of the concepts. They will also evaluate the concepts acquired.

A student explaining to his classmate
 the conditions needed for bread mould to grow

After learning, students also need to extend their learned concepts by applying the concepts into their daily lives or activities.

Harvesting of kangkong that our students grew

This 5E approach allows our students to progress from concrete experiences to the development of understanding and application of concepts.

Happy Hall Programme

On Tuesday mornings, Science teachers share with the students how Science can be applied in their daily lives. The teachers will demonstrate a science experiment before linking to a real-life situation.