1.1    Students who are Singapore Citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the pledge. Students will take the pledge with their right fist placed over the heart.

2.1   All students must be punctual for school and all school functions. Students must report to school by 7.50 am.

2.2   Students must not leave the classroom without the Teacher’s Permission Tag.

2.3   Students are not allowed to leave the school premises at any time during school hours.

2.4   Students who are not feeling well must report to their teachers. Teachers will inform the parent(s) / authorised guardian if the student needs to be sent home. Only the student’s parent(s)/ authorised guardian is / are allowed to fetch the student from the school. At no time is any student allowed to go home on his/her own with a verbal permission given by the parent(s) / guardian.

3.    ATTIRE
3.1   All students are to wear the prescribed school uniform. Any form of modifications to the uniform is not allowed.

3.2   All students must be in full uniform when they are in school or when attending any activities organised by the school.

3.3   For days where there are PE lessons and game practices, students must be in full PE attire. Students can wear their PE attire for the entire school day. Track pants are not part of the school attire and should not be worn throughout the school day.   

3.4   All students must put on a pair of white socks and black shoes.

3.5   Name tags are compulsory on the following attire: pinafore for the girls, shirts for the boys and PE polo-shirts. They are to be sewn above the school crest for the pinafore, the boy’s shirt pocket, and PE attire.

3.6   All students must keep their nails clean and short.

3.7   Girls with short hair must keep their hair neat.

3.8   Girls with long hair that touches the collar of their blouse must plait or tie up their hair neatly. Only plain black / blue ribbons or black / blue hair clips are allowed. Fanciful accessories are not allowed on the hair.

3.9   Boys’ hairstyles should be one that is short, neat and appropriate.

3.10 Boys are not allowed to keep facial hair and pupils with facial hair will be required to be shaven.

3.11 Dying and streaking of hair are not allowed.

3.12 All students are not allowed to have punk hairstyle or any hairstyle that is deemed inappropriate by the school.

3.13 All students are not allowed to wear any form of jewellery.

3.14 All students are not allowed to wear track shoes unless on medical grounds or during PE lessons or CCAs that require such footwear.

3.15 Girls may wear plain gold / silver stud earrings. Multiple earrings are not allowed.

3.16 Boys are not allowed to pierce their ears or wear ear studs / earrings.

3.17 Spectacles (if worn) should be plain and non-tinted. Avoid loud coloured spectacle frames.

Note: School uniforms and name tags are available from the school uniform supplier.

4.1   All students should uphold the core values of the school.

4.2   All students should greet the teachers and visitors when they see them.

4.3   All students should be orderly and self-disciplined at all times.

4.4   All students must be well-mannered, courteous, honest and respectful at all times.

4.5   All students must co-operate with teachers and prefects at all times.

4.6   All students / classes must move about in the school in a quiet and orderly manner.

4.7   All students must not litter or vandalise school property.

5.1   All students must stand up and greet the teacher when he / she enters or leaves the classroom.

5.2   All students must leave the classroom during recess, except for those performing recess duties.

5.3   All fans and lights must be switched off when leaving the classroom.

5.4   All students must seek permission from the teacher and obtain a Teacher’s Permission Tag before leaving the classroom during lessons.

6.    RECESS
6.1   All students should queue up in an orderly manner when purchasing food.

6.2   All food and drinks must be consumed within the school canteen premises.

6.3   Used crockery should be returned to the respective stall’s receptacle.

6.4   All students must finish their food / drinks before the recess ends.

6.5   All students should help to maintain the cleanliness of the school canteen.

6.6   All students are to assemble in the school hall immediately after recess before proceeding to their classrooms.

7.1   Students should not bring electronic games, cards and toys to school.

7.2   Students should not bring excessive pocket money to school.

7.3   No mobile phones or any electronic devices (e.g. PDA) are allowed in school.