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For Parents

[Parent Kit] Transitioning Back to School - It's a New Normal for us all

Dear parents,  
With the end of the Circuit Breaker on 1 Jun 2020, we enter the phase of safe opening. 2 Jun 2020 marks the beginning of a brand new school term. This new term with new arrangements and routines will be a new normal for all of us. 
We hope that this issue of Parent Kit will help you to understand Back to School arrangements better and how you can guide your children to adjust back to school.

We also ask for your support to keep our school and children safe, as you have done before the start of Full HBL. Pages 7 to 10 of the Parent Kit provides information on how you can do so.
In Punggol View Primary School, we are working behind the scenes to prepare our school to ensure the safety our students so that learning can continue when school re-opens. We look forward to welcoming our students back in school! 

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Curious - School Holiday Edition

Dear parents,

A big thank you for the effort in supporting your children through Full Home-Based Learning. With the May holidays coming up, we hope this gives you an opportunity to find new ways to spend time and strengthen the bonds with your children while staying safe at home. 
This issue of Parent Kit provides tips on how to occupy your child’s time meaningfully during this school holiday and how you can foster stronger relationships within the family.

Do also look out for a Holiday Care Pack that your child should have received from his/her teacher. 
Let’s continue to do our part to fight the virus as we stay home, stay safe and stay curious this season! 
#wearebehindyou #SGunited 

Part 3: Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Curious

Dear parents,

As we enter the second week of Home-based Learning (HBL), you
might still be adjusting and coming to grips with balancing working
from home and supporting your children’s home-based learning. Let
us all learn together and adapt to the new challenges that we are
facing. Together, we can overcome them!

This issue of Parent Kit provides you with tips on how you can make
the work from home experience more manageable and meaningful,
while looking out for your child’s overall physical and cyber well-being
during the HBL period.

Remember that we are only a few days into HBL. As the days go by, we
will find our collective rhythm in setting up new norms for ourselves.

Let’s stay home, stay safe and stay curious. We will overcome the virus

#wearebehindyou #SGunited

[Parent Kit] Part 2: Home-Based Learning - Don't Worry, Be Steady!

Dear parents, 
Starting from 8 Apr 2020, we will shift to Full Home-Based Learning (HBL) till 4 May 2020. It is an important stage in our fight against COVID-19 where we need to stay home, stay safe, and help our children stay curious.

Last week’s HBL has helped all of us to be better prepared. There will be issues and challenges as we move to Full HBL, but let’s work together to overcome them. 

HBL cannot fully replace physical learning in school, but it will ensure that our children will be able to progress with learning while remaining safe.
We have come through challenges before, we can do it again. Let us partner to guide our children to tide through this and emerge stronger.

This issue of Parent Kit aims to help you understand what HBL is and how you can support your children during the period of Full HBL.

We hope you find the issue useful, especially for those of you who are also working from home. 
Stay home, stay safe, stay curious.

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Home-Based Learning: Don't Worry, Be Steady!

Tips for Parents to guide Children in using Technology

Do you know how to guide your child and cultivating good habits in using ICT?
Here are some technology tips that you can adopt to ensure good ICT practices from your child.

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Parents Gateway

Dear parents, 

Below is an infographic and video explaining what the Parents Gateway is.

For a more detailed FAQ, please click here. 


Snacks For Break Time

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