March 2019

PGVP Quarterly - Term 2 (2019)
28th March 2019

Welcome back to Term 2 2019! This is the 2nd issue of our 2019 PGVP Quarterly.  We want to thank parents for your active participation in the school programmes in Term 1.  We hope that parents who have attended the curriculum workshops for the various subjects over several Friday evenings have gained a better understanding of our curriculum requirements as well as how to better provide support your children's learning at home.  We will have a last session for Science in Term 2.  Looking forward to your continued support for this final curriculum workshop.


January 2019

PGVP Quarterly - Term 1 (2019) 
7th January 2019

Dear parents,

Happy New Year!   We would like to alert you to the following changes on the 3rd issue of our PGVP Quarterly

a.     On Page 10  1st row, the timing should be 6.30 to 9 00 pm under the remarks  column

b.     On Page 11  3rd row,  the day/date for the school holidays should be Saturday, 16 Mar to Sunday, 24 Mar.

c.      On Page 11  4th row, the date for the first day of Term 2 should be Monday, 25 Mar.