Healthy Body, Active Lifestyle


The Physical and Heath Education Department aims to cultivate active and responsible students by developing their knowledge, skills, confidence and values that contribute to a healthy and physically active lifestyle.

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The lower primary level for physical education focuses on:
  • Fundamental Movements 
    • Locomotor: Movements that take a person from place to place (e.g. walk, run, hop, jump, leap, gallop, skip, slide)
    • Non-locomotor: Movements performed around the axis of the body (e.g. bend, stretch, twist, turn, push, pull, raise, lower, shake)
    • Manipulative: Movements where a person controls an object with hands or feet (e.g. toss, catch, throw, kick, strike)
  •  Educational Gymnastics 
  •  Dance 
These develops students’ psychomotor skills, control and coordination. They lay the foundations for further learning of more advanced psychomotor skills, sports and games.



iCARE ( i C an be an A ctive student by exe R cising regularly and E ating wisely)

The iCARE programme that is held thrice a week during recess is developed to focus on our students’ overall physical well-being by encouraging them to develop healthy habits, using a combination of fun ways to exercise, learn about nutrition and recognising and changing behavioural habits. Parents, child and teacher work in partnership to promtoe healthy eating and working towards an active lifestyle.

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 P1 – assembly talk on:

    1. Vitagen “My Happy Tummy”
    2. Long Rope Skipping by Step With It Singapore
    3. Dettol "Healthier Today Brighter Tomorrow"
    4. HL "Milk for Life"

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