Children's Choir





Every Monday

3.30pm - 5.30pm

Music Room

Mrs Lydia Leong

Ms Yeong Pui San

Mrs Eng – Teng Yi Wen

Mrs Candice Tudugalle

Ms Lai Hui Ming

The Choir was established in 2015. Currently, pupils from Primary 4, 5 and 6 make up the Choir and sing under the baton of Mr Acid Pang.

 In the heart of what we do in the PGVP Choir are 5 student-centric, value-driven foci:

 1. Choral-singing ~ In the PGVP Choir, we gather once a week to sing our hearts out in a happy and lively environment because we know that belting out a song is an enjoyable way to lift the spirits and express ourselves.

 2. Harmony ~ Being a primary school choir, we do two-part singing, viz. the alto (lower range) and the soprano (higher range). It’s a thrill to shrill!

 3. One-sound ~ We aim for voices rich in harmony and unity, so we have collaborative activities for team-building and bonding in the pipeline, eg. day camps, outings, concert-attendance, choir exchange programmes, performances, etc!

 4. Ingenuity ~ The PGVP Choir experiences the joy of music-making and explores creativity in a cappella singing (unaccompanied singing), rhythmic movements and choreography.

 5. Repertoire ~ To continue its musical growth and pursuit for excellence, the PGVP Choir sing a variety of vocal and local fare of songs.

Choir Practice