Ethnic Dance 






All Members

2.15 pm - 4.15 pm

PAL Room

Ms Noraini

 Mdm Amlia

  Mdm Suriani

    Mr Hizammudin


SYF Members

2.15 pm - 4.15 pm

PAL Room

Ethnic Dance in Punggol View strongly believes that every student has potential. Our CCA aims to bring out our students’ capabilities, talent and build up self-confidence in them. Through nurturing every student, we hope to provide opportunities for our students to showcase their talent in dancing. In this CCA, our students also learn the importance of teamwork and commitment in order to bring out the best in their performances. Ethnic Dance provides a platform for students to learn basic Malay dance steps such as Joget and Zapin. At the same time, students get the opportunity to learn the customs and culture of the Malays through dance.

In 2018, our Ethnic Dance students participated in our first ever Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Presentation. Despite only consisting of dancers ranging from P4 to P6 at that time, they achieved a Certificate of Accomplishment for all their hard and heart work.

Ethnic Dance - Practice/ Members Photos