IT-Preneurial Club

Tuesday2.15 pm-4.15 pmComputer LabsMr Matthew Yeo
Mr Ariffin Abdul Latif
Mr Michael Png
Mdm Sarina Sapari
Mrs Linda Loh
Ms Ponniamal R Suppan

In Punggol View Primary IT-Preneurial Club, students get to improve their logical thinking and creativity through the learning of different information technology mediums. Students are introduced to audio visual equipment and are taught photo editing skills. They will get to appreciate coding and create their own simple applications with the ‘Scratch’ programming language. Students are also taught to visualise, design, build and program their own robots to solve various scenario challenges. With the exposure and understanding of the different IT skills, students will also learn how to work in groups and take care of their IT gears and through all this, learn values such as care for equipment, resilience, teamwork and discipline.

IT-Preneurial Club - Photo 01  IT-Preneurial Club - Photo 02 
IT-Preneurial Club - Photo 03
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