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Sports & Adventure Club

Friday3.00 pm - 5.00 pmCCA Room 3Ms Carol Ang
Ms Agneta
 Ms Jinhui
Ms Irene Tang
Mdm Hafizah Binte Nordin

Sports & Adventure Club is a modular CCA which aims to motivate our students to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle through active participation in recreational sports & outdoor activities either individually or with others. Our program spans the following domains; Sports which focus on aerobics, flexibility and muscular strength; Cultural Games which expose students to games that were traditionally played; and Outdoor Activities which is done in the great outdoor where nature appreciation takes place.

We have designed our programme to be progressive and we will have three to four modules a year. We want to promote a desire in our students to learn beyond the PE curriculum, hence each module will be fun & engaging so that it will motivate our students’ involvement and interest in being physically active until it becomes a lifestyle.

Through our CCA, students are provided with a platform to practice our school values and develop social-emotional competencies through learning and playing with others.

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