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Young Artists' Club 

All YAC Members
2.15pm – 4.15pmArt RoomMdm Asyiqin, Mrs Tee, Mdm Adzilah & Mdm Sue
SYF Members Only

2.15pm – 4.15pmArt RoomMdm Asyiqin, Mrs Tee, Mdm Adzilah & Mdm Sue


Young Artists' Club  - Activities Photos

There are no rules in Art only CREATIVITY! By Edna Stewarttle

The Young Artists' Club promotes creativity with an inquisitive mind. Our members are nurtured to develop their unique cognitive profile as well as to achieve their potential artistic talents. They are encouraged to expand their knowledge and showcase their talents. This is done by expressing of ideas, feelings and experiences through the different art forms and medium freely.
Our club also provides the students opportunities to participate in Community Art where students learn to work together as a team to design and create artworks for the school/community. Through these activities, students will not only be able to expand their passion in Art but also nurture their Social-Emotional Skills and Values such as self-awareness; recognizing their strengths, self-management; setting personal goals, social awareness; appreciating diversity and recognizing others’ needs and interests, relationship management; communicating and working cooperatively, responsible decision making; identifying problems, brainstorming to solve problems and evaluating and reflecting on personal, moral and ethical responsibility.