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Curriculum Framework

Curriculum Model

Six Student Outcomes
(Alignment to our Vision : Confident Learners, Active Citizens)

  • Moral Character - Morally upright, Emotional adept, Socially responsible
  • Performance Character - Cognitively robust, Aesthetically aware, Physically active 

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4 (LIFE) approaches to deliver the Curriculum Model

Learn the Subject Disciplines

Inculcate  Values, as well as cultivate the Social and Emotional Competencies and, Civic Literacy, Global Awareness & Cross-Cultural Skills

  • Values-in-Action
  • Character and Citizenship Education
  • Internationalisation
  • Programme for Active Learning (PAL)
  • Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

Foster the Emerging 21st Century Competencies
  • Critical & Inventive Skills
  • Communication, Collaboration & Information Skills
  • Knowledge Application Skills

Enrich the students' learning experiences
  • Creativity@Punggol View
  • Talent Development Programme 
  • Student Life & Leadership

The changing Educational Landscape

This video depicts our 3-D Dialogue.