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Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Curricular Goal

Competent and Responsible users of ICT

The ICT Department wants to provide a holistic approach to the learning of appropriate skills, behaviour, attitudes and values towards ICT usage, thus enabling students to become Competent and Responsible users of ICT.


Our students will acquire ICT skills (as outlined in the Ministry of Education, Singapore’s ICT masterplan) as well as learn the necessary values towards responsible use of ICT.

The approach taken is the introduction of specific skills and accompanying values education at appropriate stages of the students’ education at PGVP.  The skills are also infused into the curriculum to ensure that ICT skills are not just taught but also consistently required and made meaningful through curriculum subjects.


Competent Users through the learning and teaching of relevant ICT skills in key programmes.

Key Programme

P1 skills - touch typing programme, Use of web browsers and creation of Word documents in both EL and MTL 

P2 skills - touch typing programme, Use of pictures and resources (e.g. links) in Word documents in both EL and MTL, Formatting & paragraphs

P3 skills - Use of tables and internet resources in Word documents, creation of and use of resources in PowerPoint presentations

P4 skills - Use of transitions and animations in PowerPoint presentations, creation of Excel worksheets

Responsible Users through the teaching of appropriate behaviours and attitudes

Responsible Users through the teaching of appropriate behaviours and attitudes


  • With teachers – structured ICT lessons on cyberwellness
    • P1 – handling inappropriate content on internet searches

  • With Parents
    • P1 – workshops for Parents by Parents and professionals on how to guide your child on the internet. Setting filters.  Dangers on the internet. 

  • For all students
    • P1 – assembly talk on internet use 

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