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School Leaders

I am honoured to be part of the Punggol View family and to serve as the Principal of Punggol View Primary School – a school that strives to develop our students into Confident Learners, Active Citizens.  

Under the stewardship of the founding principal, Mr Kelvin Tay, PGVP has progressed steadily in nurturing students into children who are healthy, joyful and anchored in our school values. I look forward to continuing the good work that has been put in place by him.  Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself.
Dr Ang (Principal)
Dr Ang Wek Cheng, Vivien 
PhD ( Educational Leadership)
Prior to assuming the role of Principal in PGVP on 15 Dec 2017, I was the Principal of Fengshan Primary School. I began my career in education at St. Patrick’s school, moved on to head the Science Department in Dunman Secondary school in 2002 and served as its Vice Principal from 2007 to 2009.  A firm believer of lifelong learning, I pursued Master In Education programme with University of Western Australia in 2005 and subsequently embarking on my PhD studies with University of Leicester in 2009. Both these studies were done part time while holding on to the leadership position.  I strongly believe the challenge of balancing work and studies has made me a stronger and perhaps more understanding leader. 

I am delighted to have the opportunity of working with the PGVP staff and parents to provide a strong values-based, holistic education for every child in Punggol View Primary. To me, every child is special and very precious. As encapsulated in the Starfish story, we want to bring out the best in every child, each according to his/her strength, talent and ability. As we strive to realize this shared vision, we know the success of this endeavour is only possible through the commitment and collaborative efforts of our students, staff, parents and partners. 

I look forward to working alongside all of you to bring out the best in our students and to take PGVP to the next level. 

Mr Chua Chye Hock (VP).JPG
Mr Chua Chye Hock
I started out as a teacher in Chua Chu Kang Secondary School in 1996 and was the Head of Department for Science in Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School in 2000. I went on to serve as a Project Officer in the Schools Division at Ministry of Education and subsequently, Vice-Principal, Rosyth School. 

Subsequently, I was awarded the postgraduate scholarship to pursue Masters at the Teachers’ College, Columbia University, New York City, USA. Upon returning from my studies, I was appointed as Vice-Principal, Tanjong Katong Primary School. In Apr 2012, I assumed the role of Vice-Principal Designate, Punggol View Primary School. 

I envisage that every pupil of Punggol View Primary would be able to set his/her own goals beyond the academic area, and strive hard to  excel and realise his/her full potential. I would like to see every pupil  develop sound character and leadership qualities so as to better prepare him/her for the future. I believe in working very closely with parents and would like to use every communication channel to reach out to the parents so that they would better understand the educational issues facing the school and build strong relationships that will support their child’s learning, development and achievement in his/her primary school years.

It is indeed a privilege to be a part of the Punggol View family. Punggol View prides itself in providing a rich learning environment for our students to develop to their fullest potential. It is every educator's hope to be able to help our students achieve success based on his/her own strengths. I also believe that we must have passion for things that we do as this will see us through challenging times and will eventually lead us to excellence.  

I have a passion for History and Literature and graduated with BA(Hons). I have taught for about 21 years and was HOD ICT in my former school, Junyuan Primary School, since 2010. I was given the opportunity through the MOE Post-Graduate award to pursue my Master and in 2017, I took a year off to complete my Master in Curriculum and Teaching.
Sharifah Samirah.jpeg
Mdm Sharifah Samirah
Learning never stops. I would want every PGVP student to continue to pursue their dreams and work hard towards it. There is no shortcut to success. Every hardwork put in will be worth the effort. But above all these, I firmly believe that having sound moral values are very important and that one must always be first in character. I'm proud to be able to join a team of passionate staff here in PGVP who is committed to grow every student into a Confident Learner and an Active Citizen.

Mr Michael Chong Wee Ming.jpeg
 Mr Michael Chong 
Vice-Principal (Administration)
I am excited to be a part of Punggol View Primary - a learning environment that is vibrant and exciting.  I joined the education service in 1996 as a teacher at Red Swastika School.  Subsequently, I served as the HOD Science in the school before being appointed as Vice Principal in Ai Tong School, followed by postings to Park View Primary School and Casuarina Primary School.  This year, I have been posted to Punggol View as the Vice Principal (Admin).  Although this is a new learning opportunity for me, nevertheless, I hope to be able to share some of my experience gleaned over the years to enrich the staff and students at Punggol View Primary.
My educational philosophy has always been to provide students with a broad-based holistic education. Schools should equip students with the necessary life-skills and learning tools so that they are able to learn for life. With the help of our dedicated team of teachers, students should be able to pick up positive learning dispositions, values and attitudes for lifelong learning.  As such, the educational environment, our classrooms and facilities must be able to allow teachers to impart learning and for students to become critical thinkers, self-directed learners and collaborative team members and leaders. Our school must also allocate appropriate resources to allow for teaching and learning to meet our students’ learning outcomes.  I am very sure that, together with the vibrant team of teachers and administrators, we will work in partnership with parents and the community to create quality teaching and learning programmes for our students so as to make Punggol View Primary a choice school in Punggol in the years to come.