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PAL Visual Arts (PAL VA) – Creative LEGO @ PGVP


Programme for Active Learning (PAL) is an initiative under the Primary Education Review and Implementation (PERI) Committee, intended for Primary 1 and 2 pupils. PAL consists of modules of activities in two broad areas of a) Sports and Outdoor Education, and b) Performing Arts and Visual Arts. PAL provides pupils with broad exposure and experiences through fun and varied activities to enable the well-rounded development of pupils in the five learning domains and to provide varied avenues for pupils to develop social and emotional competencies. The learning outcomes of PAL are for students to exhibit confidence in what they do and express themselves effectively, exhibit curiosity and positive attitudes to learn, and enjoy group experiences and teamwork.

(Adapted from PAL Resource Guide, 2011)


Objectives of PAL VA – Creative LEGO @ PGVP

Ensure that pupils will acquire the PAL learning outcomes; Confidence, Curiosity and Cooperation through the seven-week lesson series. Pupils will be able to acquire the following after experiencing Creative LEGO @ PGVP:

1) An appreciation for sculpture building as well as develop skills in aesthetics and creativity. 

2) Develop 21st century competencies; Social and Emotional Competencies and 21st century skills through:

a) Generating ideas creatively in groups to respond to issues and challenges


b) Communicating ideas and information with group members in a clear and concise manner) 

c)  Inculcating R3ich values - Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Integrity, Caring and Harmony to make responsible decisions, establish positive relationships, as well as to handle challenging situations effectively.

3)  To enjoy learning with friends through Active Engagement with the element of Fun.  

Time Allocation

Seven weeks of 1½ hours per week

“Creative people are curious, flexible, persistent, and independent with a tremendous spirit of adventure and a love of play.” 

 ~ Henri Matisse (French painter) ~