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Character matters – this is one of the core beliefs at Punggol View Primary.  Hence LOVE@PGVP – Living Out Values Explicitly@PGVP is a core programme that supports the learning and teaching of values.  Values are caught and not just taught, therefore the programme encourages students to live out the values that they are taught and seeks to nurture these values as habits for life. 

In turn, these lived-out values are habits that will shape the character of our students, making them morally upright individuals.  Like muscles, values are developed through constant use. Through our “value cards”, students are taught to reflect on actions that exhibit the six core values of the school – R3ICH.  These actions and the values they reflect are encouraged at home and in school through the endorsement and observations of parents and teachers.  These affirm and reinforce within each student the positive acquisition of values in their lives.

Students Submission - 01

Students Submission - 02
Students Submission - 03

In emphasizing the importance of values, the school seeks to realise its motto of "Grow and Glow" – growing the character of the students and forming the foundation for them to glow (excel).  Ultimately, our students will become confident learners and active citizens.