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School Family Education

Family Matters - PGVP

Because FAMILY matters.

We want to empower our parents with effective parenting skills and promote family bonding and harmony.  These programmes also involve training parents to be parent facilitators, as well as providing students with life skills training.  Through enriching workshops, activities and resources, parents can learn how to build healthy communication with their children and nurture positive relationships within the family. 

We are confident that the Family Matters@Punggol View Primary will go a long way to make a positive impact in helping parents to build strong bonds with their children and students to become individuals who are confident learners and active citizen grounded in values.

Ms Justina Koh is our Coordinator and she is contactable at justina_amanda_koh@moe.edu.sg 

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Some of our past events:

  • The New Millennium Parenting
  • Family Fun @ East Coast Park (Castle-In-The-Sand)

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  • Health Promotion Month

Good nutrition is necessary to raise children with healthy body and mind. Besides the normal teaching curriculum, we need a need to involve the parents to promote healthy eating and lifestyle.  The workshop for parents was planned to allow parents to be aware that in order to have a healthy child, parents have to be healthy too. Children do not develop their own eating habits overnight. Parents play an important role in influencing what and how much their children eat. Studies have shown that childhood experiences with food plays an important role in eating habits later in life. When children eat healthy, they have a better chance of having a healthy weight. Being well-nourished supports healthy growth and development and gives children the energy needed to carry out their daily activities. Eating well has also been proven to help children perform better at school.Nutrition at an early age can affect a person for the rest of his/her life. “Dietary habits formed in childhood are likely to persist into adulthood, so an unhealthy diet in childhood has implications for health throughout the life course” (Clark, Goyder, Bissell, Blank, & Peters, 2007).

The first workshop on Nutrition was conducted by Exercise Physiologist, Kevin Wong. The talk focused on how to achieve a balanced lifestyle. It covered topics like wise nutrition for energy balance, adequate hydration and exercise. The second speaker, Elaine touched on food that boost children’s memory. She talked about how feeding our children nutrient-rich food fuels their brains to improve concentration and memory. The talk was followed by a simple cooking demonstration. Parents and children had the opportunity to taste the healthy food that was prepared.  We are delighted that all parents who attended the workshop found the workshop very useful and gave positive feedback.  We hope to reach out to more parents during the next round.

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  • Parent and child bonding through building a terrarium
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  • Art workshop

Art Workshop - Photo 1

Art Workshop - Photo 2

Art Workshop - Photo 3