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Touching Lives, Inspiring Future

We want to nurture the whole child in Punggol View through a values-based, holistic education in a caring and rich learning environment so that our students will become persons of character who are good and useful citizens of tomorrow 

Touching Lives (Process)
To nurture the whole child in the M oral, E motional, S ocial, C ognitive, A esthetic and P hysical ( MESCAP ) domains to the full so that our students would become  
(1)  Morally upright (developed in the moral domain), 
(2)  Emotionally adept (developed in the emotional domain), 
(3)  Socially responsible (developed in the social domain), 
(4)  Cognitively robust (developed in the cognitive domain), 
(5)  Aesthetically aware (developed in the aesthetic domain), and 
(6)  Physically active (developed in the physical domain). 

These are also known as our six MESCAP Student Outcomes. 

Student Outcomes

Inspiring Future (Outcome)

After six years of Education@Punggol View, we want our students to attain an “Inspiring Future” when they have grown their Moral, Emotional, Social, Cognitive, Aesthetic and Physical (MESCAP) domains to the full and glowed to become persons of character who are good and useful citizens of tomorrow. Persons of character possess both moral and performance character.

Student Photo 01 Student Photo 02 Student Photo 03

In other words, our students will grow to be the best that they can be and always striving to “Do the Right Thing” (developed in the moral character - moral, emotional and social domains) and “Give of their Best” (developed in the performance character - cognitive, aesthetic and physical domains) for future learning, employment and citizenship.