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We adopted the underlying message of the “Starfish Story” as our philosophy to design our Education@Punggol View. We want to “Make a Difference” in the life of every student .

Starfish Story

We believe in nurturing the whole child by guiding our students to develop their Moral, E motional, Social, Cognitive, Aesthetic and Physical (MESCAP) domains to the full so that they will become persons of character who are good and useful citizens of tomorrow.

In other words, Education@Punggol View aims to provide our students with opportunities to:

1. Learn the subject disci plines comprising the languages, Humanities, the Arts, Physical and Health Education, Mathematics and Science so as to build a strong foundation in literacy, numeracy, scientific and life skills,

2. Inculcate and cultivate the R 3 ICH Values, and cultivate Social and Emotional (SE) Competencies*, as well as Civic Literacy,  Global Awareness  and Cross-Cultural Skills so as to develop moral character,

3. Foster the Emerging 21st Century Competencies* and PAM (PE, Art and Music) skills so as to develop performance character, and

4. Enrich our students’ learning experiences to meet their diverse needs and interests, and to realise their potential to the full. 

LIFE Approach is adopted from our school-based Curriculum Model :

Curriculum Model

We will need to:
  1. enhance our staff capacity and well-being,
  2. collaborate with the home and community as well as
  3. create management structures to support learning and teaching such as administration, estate and operations and resource management.
* The 21 st Century values and skills are as follows (alignment to the 21st Century Competencies Student Outcomes): 
R 3 ICH Values:   Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Integrity, Care, Harmony.

Social and Emotional Competencies:  
  1. Self-Awareness,
  2. Self-Management,
  3. Social Awareness,
  4. Relationship Management,
  5. Responsible Decision-Making 
Student Photo 01 Student Photo 02 Student Photo 03 Student Photo 04

21st Century Competencies:
  1. Communication, Collaboration and Information Skills,
  2. Civic Literacy, Global Awareness and Cross-Cultural Skills, and
  3. Critical and Inventive Thinking