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To provide a values-based, holistic education for our students through a comprehensive academic and co-curriculum education in a caring and rich learning environment so that they will grow in the Moral, Emotional, Social, Cognitive, Aesthetic and Physical (MESCAP) domains to the full.  By so doing, we hope our students will attain the six MESCAP Student Outcomes and become persons of character who are good and useful citizens of tomorrow. 

1.    To develop moral character in our students by inculcating and cultivating the R3ICH values and Social and Emotional (SE) Competencies through our Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) and Co-Curricular Activities (CCA). The extension of character-building is developing qualities for Active Citizenry. This is done by creating an awareness of the National Education (NE) values and messages, as well as incorporating civic literacy, global awareness and cross-cultural skills into the curriculum (e.g. CCE lessons and Social Studies). Students are also involved to participate in Values in Action (VIA) and Internationalisation Programme. The experiences will enable our students to develop a sense of belonging to and stay connected to Singapore, work towards fostering national and social cohesion, and make positive contributions to the community and Singapore (refer to Strategy Map – S1: Loyal Citizens, Global Ambassadors).

 2.    To build a strong foundation in literacy, numeracy and scientific skills as well as foster the 21st Century Competencies (such as communication, collaboration and information skills, and critical and inventive thinking) and Knowledge Application Skills in our students through our subject discplines. By so doing, our students will want to learn and strive for continuous improvement and excellence, so as to better prepare them for future education and employment (refer to Strategy Map – S2: The Best They Can Be and S3: Meet the Needs of Employers) .  

 3.    To create opportunities for our students to communicate effectively and develop a good command of the English and Mother Tongue Language(s) through effective speaking, listening, reading, writing, interacting and thinking so as to build their confidence and promote active communication and collaboration. The learning of the Mother Tongue Languages will enable our students to preserve their distinct culture, heritage and practices, and inculcate values.

 4.    To evoke our students’ curiosity as well as critical and inventive thinking through the learning of Science, Mathematics and selected PAL modules (for Primary 1 to 2) as well as application of their learning through Project Work (Primary 3 to 5) and ICT.

 5.    To adopt the Holistic Health Framework and implement the Physical Education, and Form Teacher Guidance Programme (FTGP) as a means to grow our students to become physically robust; exercise regularly and eat wisely and emotionally adept; social and emotional well-being.

 6.    To develop interests and talents in the arts through the Art and Music subject discplines and Programmes so that our students will become enthusiastic participants and appreciative audience of the visual and performing arts.

 7.    To create a caring and rich learning environment to cater and support the affective, behavioural and cognitive needs of our diverse learners, including student life and leadership opportunities and talent development.

 8.    To enhance the capacity of our teachers, Allied Educators (AEDs), Executive and Administrative Service (EAS) and support staff so as to create a vibrant learning and working environment and work-life harmony (building a Culture of Learning and a Culture of Care).

 9.    To create management systems to support learning and teaching such as administration, estate and operations and resource management for the students and staff to grow and glow in the school environment.

 10.  To foster collaboration with the Home and Community so as to provide opportunities for our students to grow and glow.