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Strategic Thrusts

Strategic Thrust 1: Values-Based Holistic Development (Performance Character)

Long Term Goal: Students are developed in their moral and performance character so that they will become good and useful citizens

Short Term Goal 1A1: Students are motivated to learn in a rich learning environment

Short Term Goal 1A2: Students benefit from a balanced and quality assessment system

Short Term Goal 1B1: Students demonstrate the R3ICH values and Social Emotional (SE) Competencies

Short Term Goal 1B2: Students are gracious and disciplined leaders (through Positive Education)

Strategic Thrust 2: Staff Development 

Long Term Goal: Developing Competent and Engaged Staff
Short Term Goal 2.1: Build staff capacity (knowledge, skills and attitudes) to improve students’ learning
Short Term Goal 2.2: Grow leaders and talent
Short Term Goal 2.3: Enhance staff well-being

Strategic Thrust 3: Synergistic Partnerships

Long Term Goal: To become a school that promotes Culture of Care and Learning
Short Term Goal 3.1: To build school identity (Stories/Symbols)
Short Term Goal 3.2: To build a culture of Care and Learning (Organisational Structure)
Short Term Goal 3.3: To build a culture of Care and Learning (Ritual and Routines)
Short Term Goal 3.4: To build a culture of Care and Learning (Power Structures)
Short Term Goal 3.5: To build a culture of Care and Learning (Controls)