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Confident Learners, Active Citizens

After six years of Education@Punggol View, we want our students to become confident learners and active citizens.

Our values-based holistic education is designed to give our students a strong foundation that includes:

  • Nurturing sound values to develop character
  • Loving Singapore to develop citizenship
  • Develop literacy, numeracy, scientific and life skills for lifelong journey.


Confident Learners: who are Cognitively Robust, Aesthetically Aware & Physically Active (possess performance character)  
  • Show commitment to give of one’s best in the subject discplines comprising subject areas such as languages, humanities and the arts, and mathematics and science (e.g. becoming enthusiastic participants and appreciative audience of the arts, and leading a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy and exercise regularly)
  • Communicate effectively in spoken and written forms
  • Show a curiosity and passion for lifelong learning
  • Use effective thinking and inventive skills for real life situations in and out of school
  • Use appropriate strategies and ICT to solve problems and produce exemplary work

Active Citizens: who are Morally Upright, Emotionally Adept, Socially Responsible (possess moral character)
  • Demonstrate the six core values of Punggol View (Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Integrity, Care, Harmony) and the five Social and Emotional  Competencies (Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social-Awareness, Relationship Management, Responsible Decision-Making)
  • Demonstrate the skills and commitment to work and learn independently
  • Collaborate meaningfully, supportively and efficiently on teams 
  • Demonstrate an understanding, respect and appreciation for differences in language, ethnicity and culture. 
  • Act and respond in a responsible manner to local, regional and global needs and issues. 

We hope our students will grow and learn to strive to “Do the Right Thing” (moral character) and “Give of their Best” (performance character). Ultimately, they will glow as persons of character who are good and useful citizens of tomorrow. This vision is aligned to the MOE’s Philosophy of Education, 21st Century Competencies Student Outcomes and the recommendations made by the Primary Education Review and Implementation (PERI).

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